2020 NCTS Optimization Day for Young Researchers

Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

December 14, 2020


Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University

Phone: 886-2-77346576 / 77346577 Fax: 886-2-29332342
Address: 88, Ting-chou Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei 11677, Taiwan

Gongguan Station: Songshan-Xindian Line Gongguan Station Exit 1 Walk alongside Sec.4, Tingzhou Road for 10 minutes

National Freeway No.1 : Yuanshan Interchange(Jianguo N. Road export) -> Jianguo Elevated Road(Heping East Road export) -> turn left to Siyuan S. Road -> Until N.T.U. and turn left to Sec.4,Roosevelt Road -> Sec.4,Roosevelt Road until across Keelung Road and turn right to Sec.4,Tingzhou Road -> N.T.N.U College of Science

National Freeway No.3 Xindian Interchange -> Zhougxing Road(3-5 minutes) -> Turn left to Minquan Road -> Turn right to Beixin Road -> Sec.6,Roosevelt Road -> Sec.5,Roosevelt Road left side(N.T.N.U College of Science)

0(south)、(green)13、74、109、236、251、252、253、278、284、290、530、606、623、642、644、648、650、660-「N.T.N.U Branch」

Gongguan Campus

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